Speciality Areas

Corporate Matters

Advise, elaboration, drafting and preparation of all necessary documentation for the legal constitution of a company in Mexico.

Inscription and registry of all certifications that the company needs to operate in Mexico:
Public Registry of Property and Comerce, Tax Registration, Nacional Registry of Foreign Investments among others.

Drafting of all kinds of shareholders meetings, board of directors, meetings shares certificates and corporate records of the company to insure the legal and correct operation regarding the corporate and corporate records of the company.

Regarding company operation in Mexico

We support the company in the obtaining of all licences needed for the operation of a industrial development and/or and office of your company in Mexico.

Advise in Real State matters that the company should need, such as, rent of offices and/or industrial developments, and the advise and support to the buying of any property needed for the operation of the company in Mexico.

Management of the hiring process at the start of the operations of the company.

Drafting of all contracts needed with suppliers and/or clients of the company in Mexico.

Migratory Affairs

We support the company to obtain the Employers Certificate that grants the official permit for the company to hire foreign employees.

We support the company in the obtaining of visas for the foreign employees of the company and his relatives, in case that they need it.

We support the company in the obtaining of the Resident card of each foreign employee and his relatives if need it.

We support the company in the renewal of the employer's certificate and in the renewal of residents card of the foreign employees and their relatives.

Obtaining Permanent Resident Card.

Labor Matters

Drafting of all kind of labor contracts.

Advice and negotiation in the collective agreement with Unions.

Advice in labor disputes.

Management before local and federal conciliation and arbitration boards.

Legal representation in labor matters.


The Brand is a valuable element of intellectual property, it is a sign that individualizes the products of a certain Company and distinguishes them from its competitors.

It is important to register the trademark so that it receives protection and its owner obtains a registration title that gives him the right to use it exclusively throughout the Mexican Republic.


Phonetic search, investigation of already registered trademarks that are the same or similiar to the trademark to be registered and that represent an obstruction to its registration.

Study, analysis and review before the IMPI of the viability of the trademark to be registered, as well as the approval of the formats to be registered.

Trademark registration (as long as the report provided by the IMPI in the phonetic search is favorable for the Company).

Monitoring and, where appropriate, responses to IMPI until the conclusión of the process.


Advice and Processing of Pensions, Retirement, Severance, Old age, work risks etc.

Advice and recovery of the SAR (Retirement Savings Fund).

Advice on the processing of INFONAVIT returns.

Processing of Lawsuits for compensation for medical negligence.

Advice and consultancy in bureaucratic law trials.

Social Security procedures.

Intestate succesion.

Succession Probate.